Django Extra Views Compatibility

You can use the views in django-vanilla-views alongside the additional views that are supplied by django-extra-views just fine, although it will mean that you'll be working with Django's mixin style for some of your views, and the Vanilla style for other views.

A good candidate for a future PyPI package would be a version of django-extra-views, that uses the django-vanilla-views views as the base and is implemented in a more vanilla-like style.

There are also a couple of stand-alone mixin classes provided by django-extra-views, both of which are fully API compatible with django-vanilla-views. The mixins are listed below. If you believe either of these entries to be incorrect, or if new mixins are added that are not listed here, then please open an issue on GitHub so we can keep the information up to date.

Mixin classes

Mixin classAPI compatible