Release Notes

The django-vanilla-views package is not expected to change rapidly, as it's feature set is intended to remain in lock-step with Django's releases.

Deprecation policy

The django-vanilla-views package follows a formal deprecation policy, which is in line with Django's deprecation policy.

The timeline for deprecation of a feature present in version 1.0 would work as follows:

  • Version 1.1 would remain fully backwards compatible with 1.0, but would raise PendingDeprecationWarning warnings if you use the feature that are due to be deprecated. These warnings are silent by default, but can be explicitly enabled when you're ready to start migrating any required changes. For example if you start running your tests using python -Wd test, you'll be warned of any API changes you need to make.

  • Version 1.2 would escalate these warnings to DeprecationWarning, which is loud by default.

  • Version 1.3 would remove the deprecated bits of API entirely.


To upgrade django-vanilla-views to the latest version, use pip:

pip install -U django-vanilla-views

You can determine your currently installed version using pip freeze:

pip freeze | grep django-vanilla-views


Released: 9th May 2021

  • Support Django 3.2.
  • Drop support for Django 1.11, 2.0, and 2.1.
  • Drop support for Python 3.5.


Released: 10th September 2020

  • Drop Python 2.7 and 3.4 support. Only Python 3.5+ is supported now.
  • Support Django 3.1 (no compatibility changes were actually required).


Released: 15th June 2020

  • Drop support for Django 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.
  • Support Django 2.2 and 3.0.


Released: 29th December 2018

  • Support Django 2.1
  • Don't throw warnings on any version of Django


Released: 23rd March 2018

  • Update example to work with Django 1.8+
  • Test on Django 1.8+
  • Support Django 2.0


Released: 11th May 2015

  • Support Django 1.7 and 1.8
  • Support Python 3.4
  • Fix error message in get_success_url()


Released: 22nd April 2014

  • Add missing *args, **kwargs to


Released: 28th September 2013

  • Resolve PyPI packaging issue.


Released: 24th September 2013

  • Fix DeleteView.template_name_suffix by changing it to '_confirm_delete'.


Released: 23rd September 2013

  • Introduced get_success_url() for easier mixin overriding of view behavior.
  • Introduced **kwargs arguments to get_form to kee API identical between base and model views, and for easier mixin overriding.
  • Introduced 1.6's behavior of pending deprecation for .fields not specified when auto-generating model forms.


Released: 10th September 2013

  • Beta release.
  • Fix method names to match Django's.


Released: 9th September 2013

  • Fix some messaging.
  • Python 3 compatibility.
  • Use Django's RedirectView.


Released: 7th September 2013

  • Simple module names.
  • Refactored pagination.


Released: 2nd September 2013

  • Fix missing arguments.


Released: 2nd September 2013

  • Alpha release.